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If there is one brand that has been able to maintain the level since its inception it is Puma®. The German brand created by Rudi Dassler in 1948 was one of the first to combine fashion and sportswear, resulting in a unique style that has never ceased to be a trend.

Marked by the figure of the feline symbol speed, strength and agility, this firm specialized from the beginning in the manufacture of shoes. She soon became chosen by elite athletes, thus becoming a pioneer in the manufacture of professional footwear.

Its current logo has remained unchanged since 2003, although throughout its history it has gone through multiple versions.

Evolución del logo Puma

Throughout all these years there have been hundreds of sports professionals who have sported the silhouette of the puma, from athletes like Usain Bolt to football stars such as Cesc Fábregas or Luis Suárez. She is currently a sponsor of teams from the international elite, such as AC Milan, Arsenal.

But it's not just been linked to the world of sport. Its success as a brand of sneakers and sportswear has been based on the concordance that its designs present with fashion trends, creating a new current: sports fashion.

In the farthest part of the sport we find a multitude of celebrities who carry the brand all over the world: singer Rihanna, supermodel Cara Delevinge, rapper Jay Z or The Weeknd singer, model of their new bestseller, thePuma Ignite Limitless 2 sneakers

In the evolution of his style we find another reason for his success: the creation of trends. Both sneakers and sportswear models surprise premiere after release. Bold designs where striking colors predominate, symbols of the current lifestyle.


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